ADCB offers a variety of loan products to meet your different needs.

  • Loan Against FDR

    Loan Against FDR

    Our loan against deposit facility offers you solutions for temporary liquidity issues so that you can access funds without impacting your long-term deposits.

  • C.A.S.H (Credit Against shares)


    C.A.S.H. is an innovative overdraft facility that ensures competitive interest rates and flexible payments, among other benefits. Offered against equity shares and mutual fund units, it provides fast liquidity.

  • IPO funding

    IPO Funding

    Initial Public Offering (IPO)/Follow-on Public Offerings (FPO)

    We also provide funding for upcoming IPOs/FPOs, enabling you to leverage your funds. IPOs and FPOs are gaining more prominence now as the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has increased the retail application limit.

  • Loan against Other Securities

    Loan against Other Securities

    A loan against other securities offers you instant liquidity. All you have to do is guarantee your securities in favour of ADCB. Based on the value of securities pledged by you, we will grant you an overdraft facility.

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